We have shut down

Unfortunately, we are having are having to shut down ReferMe. We are sad to leave this idea behind as it showed a huge amount of promise. We still plan to keep pursuing this idea now that we have proven that it is something that people want however we need to find a viable way to keep our costs down to provide the best experience all around. Keep an eye out for our return.

We have taken the site down. However please feel free to email [email protected] with any queries or questions. I will be following emails for the next couple months. I do apologise in advance for any delay in responding to your queries.

Thank you for being a part of ReferMe

Free 1-click referral program for Stripe customers

Start automating and tracking referrals for your subscription service or one-off payments without the need to write any code or tedius integration

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Profiting From Referrals Has Never Been Easier

ReferMe is a perfect tool to build a profitable referral marketing network that drives sales automatically, whether you offer a subscription service or take one off payments.

Take advantage of your customers' passion for your product or service and let them do the selling for you. Personal recommendations from your customers gives credibility to your product or service thus increasing your conversion rate.

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Incentive Driven Marketing

When a customer buys a product or service from your site, ReferMe automatically sends an email offering a discount on their next purchase together with a unique URL to send their friends and family offering a discount when they shop on your site.

Both customer discount and referral discount are chosen by you and need not be the same, furthermore, these are easily altered at any time.

Referral marketing taps into your customers' investment in your service or product creating a greater loyalty to you and being new paying customers at the same time.

Simple, Scalable & Profitable

When we say one click solution, we really do mean a one click solution. ReferMe is an automated service that requires absolutely no code integration. You can edit and personalise the content of the emails sent to your customers, including adding your logo. All you have to do is connect your stripe account to ReferMe.

Once ReferMe is set up, all you have to do is relax and watch your business grow! With our dashboard you can track everything that is going on in your referral network. You can get easy access to stats including the number of referrers sent a unique URL, the number of referral link clicks, the number of referrals that sign up and the number of referrals who become paying customers.


It is so simple

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Will you ever charge my customers?

Nope, we only ever apply discount codes to your customers and track the referrals your users have.

What happens if a user refers multiple people?

That’s great news! The user will simply get multiple discount codes applied one after the other, they do not accumulate.

I don’t run a subscription business, will this work for me?

It should do, as long as you are using stripe’s invoice or relay function to bill your customers then this service will work for you! Please contact us if you are using relay.

Can I make the referral link my domain?

Currently we don’t offer this, if this is something you are interested in please get in touch as we will do our best to help.

How do I know which users have been referred?

Two ways, first you can see if they used the referral discount code, secondly when we redirect people to your site we send a paramater containing their referral status.

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